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Libbey Ann Avery Taylor King grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, Oak Ridge Park, later to become known as Woodlawn during her formative years. I first remembered her playing outside her house when she was about Three (3) years old with her brothers, Alfonso and Jerry Buckhalter. Audrey Buckhalter was the maiden name of their mother and when we were very young they were often referred to them using both names. The Eberhart family lived on 5th Avenue South and the Buckhalter family lived on 6th Avenue South, and we all lived within one  block of each other. When Libby was around 5 years old they moved about a mile away into a neighborhood we called "Cracker Town". There was a natural spring near their house, their house was at the top of a long flat slope near the old #78 Highway, the spring was nearby and we caught Crawfish, frogs, minnows, and occasionally, a fish 5 inches long. The spring had one section 3 feet deep and about 5 feet wide by 12 feet long, the water was crystal clear, and we would submerge ourselves and call it swimming,  Jerry and I were in the same elementary school class, Alfonso was one year behind us and Libby was not old enough to start at Patterson Elementary school. The family moved to Ohio, and communications brokedown for more than 45 years. As I worked on the Brown family research, with my uncle Randolph Goodwin, whose mother was Emma Brown, I began to connect the dots and talked with Libby again, but never having the opportunity to stop in Huntsville to see her. Life is short. God is good.

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