In Memory


Sandy Witt Jr. of Birmingham, Alabama was born on March 23, 1912 in Livingston, Alabama to Sandy Witt Sr. and Betsy Witt. Sandy Witt Sr. Moved from Livingston, to Birmingham when Sandy Witt Jr. was a very young boy, and accompanied by an aunt Sarah who had lived in Livingston.  Sandy was survived by his wife Minnie Witt, a son Howard Witt, and three (3) daughters jaunt Witt, share Witt and Diana Witt and a First Cousin Oliver Harris. Sandy an Employee of the Louisville  & Nashville  Railroad which was located in Birmingham. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company moved to Louisville, Kentucky and Sandy continued to commute every week to work in Louisville until his death. On a weekend while Sandy was in Birmingham after commuting to be home with his family, he sustained a severe injury from a fall, that eventually became a fatal injury.  

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