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Thomas Jesse Witt was born in 1895 in Livingston, Alabama passed on July 22, 1966 at age 68 in Birmingham, Alabama and he was buried at the Montevalo National Cemetery.  Thomas Jesse Witt married Virginia Ogletree and from this union three children were born, Edwin Thomas Witt, Annie Ruth Witt, and Mickey Witt. Uncle Tom was the name given by younger family members and Tom was the name name that some used and all the others would refer to him as Mr. Witt. Uncle Tom had an unusually large and successful  business selling watermelons. He had a very large inventory, approximately 200 at all times, and a large cooler box, selling cold watermelons and cold soft drinks.  Uncle Tom had a very close connection with the Birmingham Police department. The Police would visit often, park their car on Georgia Road, wave as they entered the enclosed part of the watermelon stand, and when they came out, they would always be wiping their mouth, with a frown on their face. It would take me a few years to figure out that they would go in the back and drink moonshine. Raw alcohol injested without dilution can leave a frown on your face as you take a drink of moonshine. Different Policemen would stop often, never have a conversation, wave as they entered, and wave again as they left. I would learn many years later that my uncle sold whisky, backed numbers along with his legetimate business to make a living.  I would walk with my grandmother down the hill several blocks, cross the Southern Railroad tracks, cross and an open field, and the path would put us right at the corner of Georgia Road and 62nd Street. The business was at a choice location and he had a large cross section of black and white customers.   Thomas was estranged from all three of his children because of the allegation made by Edwin, that his mother had been strangled to death and did not die of natural causes as stated on the death certificate issued by the coroner's office. Uncle tom was a tall, nice looking man, who presented himself well, and he always sounded sure of himself. He was well liked by all family members.

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