In Memory


Henry Witt of Livingston was born in August 1842 to the union of William Bill Witt (1820) and Fannie Hare (1820) and died on December 25, 1916, confirmed by a book written by Edwin Witt, son of Thomas Jesse Witt (Witts End) contains most of the known details of Henry Witt's life. Henry Witt was married to Jane Clay and  the children born to this union are, Fannie (1863), Tempey (1866, Robert (1875), Lawrence (1877), Joseph (1871), Betsey (1880)


Henry Witt Married Morning Jewell Clay Witt on December 1, 1872 and the children born to that union are Sandy Witt (1882), Cliff Witt (1883), Mary Witt (1885), Susie (1887), Preston (1889), Martin (1890), Willie (1892), Jesse Thomas (1895), Kate B (1897). Mary Witt was the first to Migrate to Birmingham, Alabama, followed by Sandy, Jesse Thomas, Susie, and the last to migrate was Kate B. Witt. All moved into a new settlement, a principally black community, Oak Ridge Park, later to become known as Woodlawn. 

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